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 May 9, 2017
5.0 star rating

The best customer service! My car failed the state inspection due to the windshield issuers. So called my insurance and they've sent me to another place, where I was told to purchase a new windshield! I've checked the yelp and found this wonderful place! My windshield has been repaired in 30 minutes! Fantastic! Absolutely lovely owners! And I was even able to get my re-inspection the same day! Thank you!

Natasha Y.


March 23, 2017

My car did not pass inspection due to a crack in my windshield, and the inspector told me that it was beyond repair and that it must be replaced.  After a quick internet search to get a second opinion, I found Jody's Windshield Repair, and had to give her a call after reading all of the great reviews.  Sure enough, she was able to successfully and professionally repair the crack, as well as another chip in the windshield that I had forgotten was even there.  I took my car back to the inspector the next day and it passed without question.  
If you need your windshield repaired, definitely call up Jody.  This is officially my go-to place for windshield repairs.

Jeff M.


April 2016

I have had 2 windshields replaced in 2 years so when my third one was cracked once again by a rock and tractor trailer on I-64. Safelight told me 4 days before new windshield would be in. I called Jody. Crack went halfway across my windshield. Went to see Jody 30 minutes later windshield fixed. 2 years later no other cracks and original cracked past 2 Safety inspections no questions asked. Thank you so much Jody.

-Lashawn W.


March 2016

I truly feel like I couldn't give this team enough praise!!! They were beyond amazing. I loved how they were not only professional but super sweet!!! I had three kids with me while we waited for the repair of the windshield and they were playing with them as well. They did not want to leave!!! Before finding Jody's Windshield Repair, I called around to quite a few places. I couldn't believe the cost I was quoted!!! I would have paid it as well, as I have before just months prior to with my husband’s truck. I was told by EVERY SINGLE PLACE that my windshield had to be replaced. I had a foot and a half crack in my windshield from a rock. It was so fast how they got this repair done! We picnicked on their front yard and waited maybe 10 mins before it was done! We were there much longer though as we were really enjoying the company of Jody and Dale. I will forever recommend them!!! Thank you again for your service today!!! I will be getting my inspection done tomorrow and will update :) I love that this is guaranteed. It's so nice to be able to support a local business!!!

-Jodi H.


March 2016

I have a Grand Marquis with a crack across the entire windshield. I went to Jody on a Friday and she took care of my windshield within an hour! Customer service was through the roof and she stuck to her word about me passing my inspection. I highly recommend anybody to get their windshield fixed with Jody instead of replacing it!




February 2016

Had a wonderful experience at Jody's yesterday. Funny that they were right across the street from my aunt and I never knew about them until yesterday. Patched up a crack on my windshield that I know safelite would have said I had to replace. Can't even tell the crack was ever there or even happened. Highly recommend Jody's for windshield repair.

-Dionisio E.



January 2016

They were so nice, and got the job done quickly. I had a two-foot-long running crack close to the edge of my windshield and they really fixed it right there in front of me in just a few minutes. Afterwards as a random bonus, they even showed me a trick to clean my headlights: bug spray. She just wiped all the crud off of my headlights with a paper towel. Such friendly people. I will be going back whenever I have a crack in my windshield. Tell everyone!

-Rachel C.


December 2015

All my life, I had been told that you can only repair chips in windshields, and running cracks would require a full replacement. But when Jody's business came up in the search results, I figured it was worth a shot. They did a fantastic job with both cracks. You can still see both, but only if you're looking hard for them and know where to look. Even then, they look like a stand of spider web landed on it. On top of that that, they were quick and very friendly. I would definitely go back there, though obviously I hope I don't have the need.

-Brian A.


April 2015

I have had three windshields repaired from these kind and awesome people. They are by far the best to fix small and even large cracks like I had. You can barely see anything from the long crack they fixed. Thank you sooooo much Jody and Dale for your surgical skills and artwork to repair my cracked windshields. One very happy customer.



April 2015

Called Jody early Wednesday afternoon to repair chips and a crack in my windshield. She said that she was booked solid for the day, but could squeeze me in between appointments in two hours. Had my doubts when I pulled up to a family residence, but was more than satisfied with the results. She and her husband were very friendly, professional, and provided amazing results. Safelite quoted me $350 saying that I required a new windshield. I drove away with a windshield from Jody that looked like new, and only paid $50. Recommend calling them prior to replacing your windshield. Will definitely be back for any other chips or cracks.

-Jason V.


March 2015

Great service and value! A rock hit my window on the highway and cracked my windshield. Shops quoted me over $350 due to the crack being "bigger than a dollar". Glad I called Jody's before taking their word for it. Excellent work and lifetime guarantee for a fraction of the cost.


February 2015

Excellent work and the best price I found in VA Beach. I am thorough l. I called 18 places and Jody's had the best price hands down. As many do, I waited to get my vehicle inspected until the end of the month to get it done. Unfortunately my 1/2 dime sized chip spread when the temperature dropped. I just left Jody's about 20 minutes ago (1600 22/01/2015). They were able to repair my ~2 foot crack as well as the initial chip in about 30 minutes total time. I just walked out of the auto shop where I passed my inspection with no hassle at all. Highly recommended and will go back anytime I have a crack or chip.

-Justin M


January 2015

My experience was great. Jody was very personable and made my short wait comfortable. You are a fool if you replace your windshield instead of getting it repaired with Jody. Would recommend to family and friends.

-Christian H.


March 2014

Jody and Dale was awesome! My windshield had a rock that hit it on I-64 near Williamsburg, which happened in 2011. The crack spread from one end to next at the end of 2013. She repaired it and Dale did the rest and got me out of there after 30 minutes. Both are very friendly and funny and I love them. Jody also gave me a Hello Kitty phone sticker for my iPhone! Plus, my car passed inspection the same day! I totally recommend Jody's Windshield Repair to everyone!

-Google User


March 2014  

Jody and Dale were friendly, efficient and quick. I had a crack that I had let go for a while because every place I called said they couldn't repair anything bigger than a dollar bill and quoted me upwards of $260 for a new windshield (money I did not have). So I kept searching and came across Jody and figured I'd give it a chance and I am so happy I did! I was in and out of there in about 30 minutes, the crack was repaired and she helped me file the claim with my insurance over the phone while I waited for the work to be completed. Insurance paid $50 and all I had to pay out of pocket was $35! AWESOME service and Value! WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE and EVERYONE! Call Jody FIRST!!!

-Diana C.


February 2014

If you're looking for a comfortable place to avoid the hustle and bustle of a corporate company, this is definitely the place for you. Jody and Dale create a fun and entertaining environment while working on your car. I instantly felt like family and trusted them both with the outcome of my windshield. As long as i'm in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area, they will be my first and only stop, as they should be for you too! VERY FAST and efficient work. Only have 15-20 min? They can do it! VERY PLEASED and had a great time too!

-Tori Q.


December 2013

Excellent customer service, a high quality repair and they were super quick! Jody handled my insurance claim and made it completely painless for me. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting with Jody for the half an hour it took for her husband to complete the repair. She is quite funny and entertaining! I am so happy that I found Jody online and saw the raving reviews. I shudder at the thought of how much money I would have thrown away going somewhere else. Jody is the best!

-Google User


November 2013

Jody and Dale were excellent - I arrived thinking I needed to replace my windshield. Jody explained how it all works, why you DON'T need a new windshield and had me fixed and away in no time. She also sorted out the insurance and I paid a small excess - fantastic service! They were friendly interesting people and I really enjoyed meeting them. I have already recommended them to other friends.

-Matt H.


October 2013

All I can say is WOW. Top class service... no doubt. Jody and Dale have a lot of experience at what they do and it shows. If you have a crack, don't hesitate to call them, they are more than accommodating and they value customer service like no other. Easily the best car repair related experience I have ever had. In fact, its I'd liken them to friendly neighbors rather than a business. Thanks guys, you guys made my day.

-Google User


February 2013

Jody's was amazing! They fixed the crack in my windshield very quickly, friendly and welcoming, even called my insurance to help sort out partial payment for it. Even if it had taken longer, that would have been fine because their dog Lucki came and sat in my lap almost the whole time :-)

-Jonathan T.


May 7, 2012

I would recommend Jody to anyone; her repair was the BEST.  I had a recent repair done by Safelite, and Jody’s Windshield Repair topped it 150%. I can’t see where the crack was, whereas with Safelite, I saw the crack as I approached my vehicle.  Jody and Dale are courteous, professional and friendly.  This isn't just a window repair shop, this is a friend with a skill.

Thanks so very much,



April 17, 2012

WOW, WOW, WOW!  That's all I could say when they were done.  You could have called me a "Doubting Thomas" before they started, but not now. This is some impressive windshield repair.  What these people do here saved me a lot of money and time.  Everyone I know will soon know about you and what great work you do.  Sincerely, thank you for your service.


April 3, 2012

Also told by many that this could not be fixed.  Jody and Dale are experts in my book; not only did they fix a 18" crack on my windshield, they also called and handled the paperwork for me.  Didn't have to buy a windshield, and they saved me a lot of money today.  Thank you, Jody and Dale.  I will recommend you to everyone I know with a cracked windshield from now on. 



February 26, 2012

These people do not replace windshields.....they repair them!  And they are really, really, really good at it.  Highly recommend to anyone who does not want to spend all of their money!  Excellent warranty and super nice people.


February 10, 2012

Use these people.  They are the best in town at fixing windshields.  Best quality repair I have ever seen, USE THESE PEOPLE!


January 29, 2012

The best in town!  Highly recommended!  Did an outstanding job on the crack on my windshield.  Everyone else said it couldn't be done. THEY WERE WRONG.  It can be done, and these people did it.




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